December 18, 2003

A Lump of Coal for the Spammers

Some December SpamAssassin updates:
  • Chris Santerre's comprehensive has been updated to the latest ""
  • Bayesian filtering is turned on -- a misplaced configuration directive had been causing us to miss out on this great Force For Good in the world. Here's Paul Graham's latest thoughts regarding Bayesian classification
  • I made some rules to catch the incredibly annoying "Re: MANJHOY, a ticket exploding" type spams since they were slipping by as false negatives. The additions are below...
My additions for these "dada spam":
header      ERIC_2THRU8 Subject =~ /^Re:\s+[[:upper:]]{2,8},(?:\s\w+){3}/
describe    ERIC_2THRU8 Annoying spams with 2-8 caps, then 3 words
score       ERIC_2THRU8 2.5

header      ERIC_2THRU0 Subject =~ /^Re: \%RND_UC_CHAR\[2-8\],/
describe    ERIC_2THRU0 When spamware screws up
score       ERIC_2THRU0 2.5
They seem to be doing pretty well. Between these, the new EvilRules, and the BAYES_90 rules, my miss rate has gone down to zero over the past 12 hrs. Let's see how long it lasts..

Posted by eric at December 18, 2003 08:25 AM


Hey guys ... I've received something along the lines of 400 spam messages on my blog in the past two weeks. I've banned the offending IP addresses, but is there anything you can do to remove the comments on your end? I can't figure out how to remove them, other than one at a freakin' time.


Posted by: maryduan on January 26, 2004 09:31 PM
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