December 08, 2003

Main router upgrade

At about 6PM PST Sunday Dec 7, we swapped out our main ingress router for a new one. The purpose of the upgrade was to put more sophisticated bandwidth-sharing rules in place and give us an upgrade path to 2xT1 (though I should note there's no timetable for installing another T1 at this point).

The new router is a Lucent (formerly Xedia) Access Point 450 IP services router. These are great routers which I have used extensively in my work environment for IPSEC VPNs and bandwidth management. We got a great deal on this one via Ebay and an initial burn-in passed, so I built a class-based queuing configuration to do what we needed and we performed the cutover Sunday evening.

Posted by eric at December 8, 2003 01:40 PM