November 18, 2003

More SA updates

Brought us up to the newest Rules Emporium SpamAssassin rulesets. There's some pretty wily stuff in here. Check this out:

meta FVGT_combo_IMAGEONLY1
describe FVGT_combo_IMAGEONLY1 FVGT - Image only type spam?
score FVGT_combo_IMAGEONLY1 4.3

This is a "combo rule" that (just like a Tony Hawk combo) gives a spam an additional 4.3-point bonus if all three of the standard "image only" type rules have already been matched. I think they just added this "meta" capability recently, and it's a great idea because it should help to put marginal spams over the top.

UPDATE: However, some of the new rules seem to be a bit aggressive. I've adjusted the threshold score back up to 5 (from 4.5) and bumped down some of the point values for overzealous rules. Please let me know if you're getting false positives.

Posted by eric at November 18, 2003 08:07 AM