October 23, 2003


Our new infrastructure server is named hexogen.explosive.net. It has assumed nameservice, web and MX duties for explosive.net-hosted domains. Please update any links which specifically refer to 'napalm.explosive.net'.

The box is pretty sweet, I have to say. The core (Tyan Tiger mobo, two Athlon MP 2200+ cpus, 1G of 266Mhz DDR memory) came from the fine folks at Monarch Computers, who I'd recommend in a heartbeat. Their pricing came in substantially cheaper than the other vendors (local and net.merchants) we looked at, Monarch pre-tested the components and then promptly shipped them out.

Everything arrived in good condition and we quickly installed the guts into a beefy Antec PLUS1080 case, blasted RedHat9 onto three 80G Seagate Barracudas and, over the course of a weekend, set it up to take on the duties of our aging dual-466 Celeron box, napalm.

And now, after a couple of weeks moving services and data over, praying that napalm's second disk will hold out for just a couple more weeks, we're pretty much done. And man, the thing is f a s t .

Posted by eric at October 23, 2003 11:32 PM

And to think it was just a short year ago that I was begging Henry to install Movable Type! WTG guys ... see you at Thanksgiving Henry.

xo Mary

Posted by: Mary Duan on November 12, 2003 09:49 PM
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