October 23, 2003

SpamAssassin Updates

I made some updates to the sitewide SpamAssassin setup today. Things look good so far -- no false positives and only three misses out of sixty SPAMs I've gotten.

We're now running the latest version of Mail::SpamAssassin (2.60) via spampd, a fast and safe pseudo-SMTP proxy which runs everyone's mail through SA without having to use procmail. However the spammers have been getting ever-craftier, and recent weeks have seen a miss rate of about 30%, so more stringent measures were clearly needed.

I found this great site after some googling and catching up on the sa-talk mailing list. I incorporated all of the popcorn, evil rules, and header checks in their current incarnations. Additionally I poked around a bit on the SA Twiki (whose domain name is strangely, coincidentally close to Malcolm's site) but haven't incorporated any of the rules there just yet.

I'd be happy to hear about any additional resources for user-contributed rules, especially if you're using something to catch those random letter groups they use to pad out the message bodies... x ltgvilujlaaaedo cjgmvybmux


Posted by eric at October 23, 2003 06:10 PM