August 01, 2007

Explosive Not Accepting Customers

After 10 years of providing hobbyist and non-profit personal colocation, is no longer in the business. The economics of colocation have changed over the years and we can no longer provide a competitive product without substantially changing the way we do business.

Our uplink has gone from the early days behind GrendelNet on a 256kbit fractional T1, to Dave Rand and his frame relay network and a short-lived but very fast connection, commercial colocation at's San Jose facility, some dark days behind XO, and the Speakeasy HDSL-encapsulated T1 which has served us well for the last 3 years or so.

Our longest continuous customer was Cameron Spitzer and the California Green Party, who started service in August of 1998.

Along the way we learned a lot and had a great time. Thanks to all our friends, providers and customers throughout the years.

Posted by eric at 10:50 AM

September 04, 2006

Main server OS upgrade

The main server,, has been upgraded to CentOS 4.4 ( We built the OS disk image offline and have now swapped it in. We believe most services are currently working properly, but please let us know if you notice something not working like it used to. hbm out.

Posted by hbm at 11:32 AM

April 11, 2006

hexogen certificate updated

Please do not be alarmed if you see a certificate message when connecting to hexogen via https. We recently renewed our certificate for another 2 years, and thanks to RapidSSL's excellent service the new certificate showed up immediately. Here is the MD5 fingerprint of the new certificate for posterity's sake:

MD5 Fingerprint=6D:4F:DC:82:FA:E4:25:02:0A:7F:75:F0:B9:87:2E:6C

Posted by eric at 02:57 PM